Fishing on the River Ness

Fishing rights on the Ness date back to the time that Inverness became a Royal Burgh in the 12th century. The rights were confirmed by James VI of Scotland in the "Golden Charter" of 1591. This gave the burgh the rights to salmon from "all and haill the water of Ness" from the Clachnahaig Stone near Holm mills "even unto the sea".

Commercial enterprise took care of making the most of this, fishing with nets went on until about 1956 according to reliable local eyewitnesses. Fishing the Ness is now confined to spinning or fly fishing and the same stretch as mentioned in the "Golden Charter" is now managed by the Inverness Angling Club. Further upstream right up to Loch Dochfour, fishing is private, managed by Laggan Fishings

Fishing on Loch Dochfour is managed by the Dochfour Estate.


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